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Who we are

Yoga Instructor
Eva Maria Bieda
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I started with Hatha yoga in 2001 as a practitioner to find a healthier work-life balance. Ever since I have been intrigued by how much better I feel when I do yoga on a regular basis. In 2018, I started my yoga teacher training at the Yoga University of Switzerland and met the other teachers of this retreat there. I am inspired by the physical demands of Anna Forrest´s yoga style, as my background is in martial arts and swimming. I am also interested in philosophical topics and science.

Astrid Grassi
Yoga Instructor

I was always keen to learn more about yoga. My pregnancy in 2001 was the starting point to dive deeper into the different paths of Yoga. After an initial 200h Teacher Training at Sanapurna in Zurich, I am now completing the 4-year training as a yoga teacher at Yoga University in Villeret since October 2018. I attended additional Yin Yoga training and have been running my own studio in Horgen / ZH since September 2020. I lead meditation and teach Hatha and Yin Yoga in small groups.

Vlada Hug
Yoga Instructor

I was literally enchanted 9 years ago by the immensity of yoga research. This is a treasure chest of sorts and I would like to share the treasures with you.

I have been a student at the Swiss Yoga University since 2018 and have now opened my own yoga studio. I have also completed additional training for Universal Yoga in Russia (250 hour).

Yoga Instructor
Jusztina Kézdi

I’m a passionate ashtanga yoga practitioner, runner and ever-optimist. 

I teach my classes in vinyasa flow style, which is a dynamic style and supports the individual variations and modifications of the poses and the use of props. The asanas are arranged in sequences and held for a relatively short time, about 5-7 breaths. The practice focuses on linking the movement with the breath and keeping the flow.

Ewa Sutkowska
Yoga Instructor
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Like my colleagues, I am attending the Yoga University in Villeret. At the moment, I am teaching groups as part of the health improvement program at the hospital where I work. I also teach individuals in Hatha Yoga.